White wines


Neuburské late harvest, winery Sedlák, Velké Bílovice 0,75 l 390,-
The wine has fruity and flowery fragrance. All is accompanied with full, fresh taste with a potential of longer aging. By longer lying its viscosity increases and so does the velvety taste in your mouth. The persistence of the wine is harmonious and fresh. Neuburské is the matter of the heart of the winery. It will please the lovers of this wine sort and is suitable to be served with salads and fish meals.

Veltlín green late harvest, winery Sedlák, Velké Bílovice 0,75 l 390,-
The wine has rich and fruity fragrance with lime, pineapple and honey melon aroma.The taste combines ripe fruity tones and in the long run also minerality and pleasant acid. It is a drinkable wine for every day. It is ideal to be served with light meals, poultry and vegetable meals.

Ryzlink vlašský, late harvest, „Březí, Nut mountain“ family winery, Jindřich Kadrnka, Březí 0,75 l 390,-
The taste combines tones of apples, green nuts and spice mix. The taste attracts through its significant spiciness and creamy character with tones of nuts. It is a full mineral wine with spicy and almond persistence. Nut mountain belongs to the best locations of the local region and Ryzlink vlašský of this vineyard to the best wines in our republic.

Riesling Qualitätswein trocken, Weingut Josef Rosch, Leivener Kostergarten, Mosel, Germany 0,75 l 590,-
Extractive, full and highly concentrated fragrance underlining the classical character of mosel wines. Harmonious flowery aroma with tones of lime tree blossom, ripe peaches and dandelions.The taste is very harmonious, complex, delicate supported with lively acid and touches of ripe plums, yellow plums and fresh citrus fruits. A nice representative from a popular region which has 4,9g of residual sugar.

Sauvignon Blanc „La Petite Perrière“, Guy Saget, Loire AOP, France, Val de Loire 0,75 l 590,-
It has bright colour with sparkly green edges. Typical of its sort, elegant fragrance with delicate rich aroma of white blossoms, elderberry locust tree and minerality. Fresh taste of medium fullness with delicate start and piquant acid supported with fruity tones of peaches and litchi.

Red wines

Frankovka late harvest,family winery Libor Veverka, Čejkovice 0,75 l 560,-
Ruby-coloured with violet reflections. Its fragrance is lightly spicy with a fruity touch of prunes, sour cherries in chocolate with toffee and vanilla tones. Full delicate woody taste wih rounded body and harmonious tannins. The grapes from the vineyard row Novosady. Better-than-average wine from Čejkovice.

Merlot, grape selection, family winery Sedlák, Velké Bílovice 0,75 l 560,-
It has pleasant aroma of prunes, blackberries and blueberries completed with some coffee, smoke and chocolate tones. Mighty full wine with tones of small black-berries marmelade. Harmonious tannins and oak aroma give the wine its longer finish. It is suitable to be served with dark meats, venison and grill specialities.

Rosé Horák pozdní sběr, Family winery Horák, Vrbice 0,75 l 560,-
The colour of the wine is sparkly, deeply strawberry pink. Its fragrance is clear, intense and delicate with distinct fruity tones.The wine is juicy and fresh in its taste with some residual sugar and acid. Its taste combines all spectrum of summer fruit.

Pinot Noire „La Petite Perrière“, Guy Saget, Loire AOP, Francie, Val de Loire 0,75 l 760,-
Deep ruby colour with light orange ringes. The fragrance is typical of Pinot Noir with delicate tones of vanilla and violets. The taste is from the very beginning concentrated and pleasant, in the long run with a touch of fruit and camphor. A wine ideal to drink without further aging, served cooled at 13 degrees.

Barón de Ley Reserva Tinto, Rioja DOP, Spain 0,75 l 760,-
Intensive fragrance with tones of toffee and spices comes as a surprise to your nose. Juicy, fresh, pleasant and extractive taste with really long finish supported by soft tannin with a touch of red fruit and wild berries. This wine comes from personal vineyards in the region Rioja Baja. It will perfectly complete the meals consisting of red and grilled meat.